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Now Hiring - Lead Brewer

We are looking for a full-time brewer to add to our team! 

Pilot Brewing is a 3-barrel Nano-Brewery located in the Plaza Midwood neighborhood of Charlotte, NC. We have a focus in brewing a constant rotation of small batch beers, both on our 3 barrel Pilot Brewing and 1/2 barrel "Co-Pilot" Brewery. This person will be working closely with our head brewer and should have a basic understanding of the following:

  • Product development

    • ​They will work in conjunction with management, brewery owners and the marketing team to develop interesting and unique beers that consumers will enjoy. This will involve creating recipes and brewing small batches for testing. The beers must be designed to not only taste great, but to satisfy consumer demand in the market.

  • Sourcing raw materials and dealing with suppliers

    • ​Responsible for sourcing high quality raw materials required for the brewing process. They must determine if the raw materials are of sufficient quality for the beer being produced. The brewer will also ensure they are being stock piled correctly and that there is sufficient inventory available for the current beer production rate.

  • Brewhouse operations

    • ​The key responsibility of the craft brewer is to oversee the brewing process. They will ensure the brew recipe is being followed accordingly and accurately and the beer is stored correctly. 

  • Equipment maintenance and purchasing
    They must maintain equipment within the brewery and make decisions about equipment purchases. They must also create a maintenance schedule which works well with production requirements.

  • Quality control

    • ​Must assess the quality of the brew throughout the brewing process. Responsible for both scientific and taste-testing of the brew.

  • Production record keeping

    • ​Detailed records must be kept, with the goal of improving beer quality and production processes.

  • Managing cellaring of beer

  • Maintain safety and hygiene standards throughout the brewery

  • Represent the company at trade events and liaise with customers

  • Managing key production requirements

  • Run a single-head Wild Goose Gosling canning line.

Hours: This is a mostly Monday-Friday "9-5" job.  (Hours are flexible). Some shifts will finish later, like on double brew days, and festivals/events will be a rare occurrence. 


$20/hour. (40 hours/week)

·   Standard benefits including:

  • 100% Employer Paid Health Insurance 

  • Free Beer

  • 3 Paid Holiday days (Your Birthday, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day)

  • 9 Days Vacation/PTO (1st Year)

  • 10 Paid Sick Leave days available per year

  • 2 Paid Mental Health Leave days available per year

  • Career Development Courses

  • Yearly Raises

If interested in applying, please send cover letter and resume to

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