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All Small Batch, ALL Rotating All The Time.

Life is a journey with many turning points and milestones. At one of these points, it was finally time for Rachael Hudson to showcase everything she has learned for the past 6 years as a professional brewer.

Trained under award winning breweries such as: Hardywood Park, Left Hand, and NoDa Brewing Company, Rachael decided it was time to showcase everything she has learned on a nano scale.

So together with her husband Jeff, a professional pilot and avid homebrewer, they had a conversation and fueled the beginning of Pilot Brewing.

A slight play on words, Pilot Brewing references aviation, but more importantly focuses on small batch experimental beer. Combined with a 3-barrel Pilot system, and half-barrel “Co-Pilot” system, Pilot Brewing, with minimal focus on core brands, endeavors to expand the boundaries of craft beer by brewing original recipes that represent traditional and experimental styles.

We love Plaza Midwood neighborhood and we’re thankful and proud to be a part of its character as well as maximizing community involvement by partnering with local charities.

Pilot Brewing opens its doors to all, takes pride in being woman-owned, and seeks to lift others up and take up for others. We hope your destination is Pilot Brewing.

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Our mission at Pilot Brewing Company is to produce unique, quality beers with high standards while using quality ingredients. We operate within ethical guidelines and commit to creating a family-feel environment for our owners, team members and guests alike.

Our passion for the craft is bigger beyond words but we are taking it back to small batch!

Through the use of experimental recipe design, with respect to both modern and traditional brewing techniques, Pilot Brewing provides fresh, local brews one barrel at a time.

mission statement

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Meet The Team

Advanced Cicerone®

Co-Owner/Head Brewer

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Certified Cicerone®


NEW Colby.jpg
Colby Current

Certified Beer Server
Bar Lead/

Rachel Wade

Certified Beer Server

NEW Travis.jpg
Travis Gordon

Certified Beer Server


Kelly Robson

Certified Beer Server


Greg Thompson

Certified Beer Server


Serena Current-c.jpg
Serena Current

Certified Beer Server

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