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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

The Plaza Midwood neighborhood of Charlotte, NC (1331 Central Ave., Suite 104). Behind Snooze AM Eatery & Yafo.


Where can I park? 

The parking lot in front of our patio, on the first floor of the parking garage at One305 Central Apartments, in the small parking to the left of our patio and on Clement Street.

How can I order beer?  

Click here to order online for curbside or patio window pick up.

Do you ship beer? 

We can ship anywhere within NC state lines.  Please reach out to for more information and custom pricing

Can I purchase a keg?

Email for available styles.

Do you host events? 

We would love to host your event.  We do not have a truly private event space, but are happy to do our best to accommodate your group.  For more information please email

Do you have food? 

We have a variety of different snacks and you're welcome to pick up food from any of our neighbors to bring with you.

Do you serve other alcoholic beverages (besides beer)?

We keep a rotating cider option on tap from a local cidery, cans of hard seltzer, and a limited wine selection

Do you take reservations? 

We take reservations for parties of 8 or more. Call to make your reservation.

Do you allow dogs? 

Yes! We allow dogs inside and outside.  Please keep them on a leash for other guests.

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